Microchips In Footballs? [VIDEO]

August 7, 2010

The German company responsible for implanting motion-tracking technology in soccer balls for use by referees during the World Cup are in discussions with the NFL about possibly using their technology in American football in order to cut down on game-deciding missed call.

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How To Add Muzzle Flares In Your Home Videos

May 30, 2010

Want to spice up your home videos to make friends and family pay more attention to your vacation footage? How ’bout adding a gunfight scene?

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Scott County Tattooed For Google Fiber

April 18, 2010

Scott County Deputy CIO Perry Mulcrone goes to Lucky Linda’s Body Art to have his arm decorated in Google’s St. Patrick’s Day logo. He pledges to get a real Google tattoo if the Internet giant picks Scott County as a test site for its high-speed fiber project.

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Literary Video Games – My Brilliant Idea

March 8, 2008

I want video games that go beyond the first person shooter by exploring literary themes. It’s time video games aspired to be more than mere entertainment. Here’s my idea for a video game that would.

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I’m On Google StreetView!

December 13, 2007

I’m on Google Maps’ StreetView!

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HDTV Buying Guide

January 25, 2006

David Erickson’s HDTV Buying Guide

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Reason 999 I Love The Internet

January 12, 2006

Radioblog has disallowed Fastboot’s very cool flash music search engine from using it’s files. Boo hoo.

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Blogging By Email

November 1, 2004

The message below I sent on Sunday, October 31. It just appeared at Blogger. So, if you blog using the email-your-blog function, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Now I’m set. I’ve set up my blog so that I can publish via email. I’m edging closer and closer to “Being Digital,” with my new Sidekick…

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Sidekick II Arrives

October 29, 2004

So I finally got my Sidekick II. It arrived, I plugged it in to charge it. I slipped my SIM card in…a n d….it had to activate. No problem, I guess. I could wait the hour or two I was told it would take to activate when I ordered it. But then two hors turned…

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Nokia 3650 Review

August 29, 2004

I was planning on writing an ode to my Nokia 3650 cell phone, then it looked as if I would have to write a eulogy instead but as it turns out, I am writing one of those amazing product stories that marketers would kill for. My phone, you see, died only to be miraculously revived.…

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