The Cast

August 8, 2005

The cast members of the Twin Cities, Minnesota blog.

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October 13, 2004

T is our quarterback on our league teams. He can throw an absolute bullet with a tight spiral that will take your hands off and he can dissect defenses with the best of them. But he’s also got some shake and bake to him, so if he takes off running he can make people look…

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Cast–Open Source

October 12, 2004

Open Source is called that because of her enthusiasm for often arcane open source technology. Linux, ogg, bit torrent, whatever. If it’s free technology and difficult to use, she’s probably all for it. Open Source plays on our co-ed league football teams. She’s a tall and very athletic woman and that’s great for us because…

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October 11, 2004

Chef is The Veteran‘s cousin and is indeed a chef. He’s an ordinary, down-to-earth kind of guy who is usually the focal point of any room in which he happens to find himself. He is at ease with himself and, as a reult, is at ease with others. He likes to have a good time…

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Cast–Fearful Flyer

October 10, 2004

Fearful Flier is The Veteran‘s cousin and sister to Chef. She is not a librarian though she went to school to become one and as a result, is the first person to turn to when you need to track down an elusive fact or piece of knowledge. The fact that she has a command of…

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Cast–Surfer Dude

October 9, 2004

Surfer Dude, not surprisingly, is from California. It is not for that reason alone that I call him Surfer Dude: He actually does surf. He’s also a talented photographer–and videographer–and happily makes his own video highlight reels of his surfing, something I’d love to be able to do for my football games. I met him…

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October 9, 2004

Grover was The Veteran‘s best man. They’ve been buddies since childhood and the stories of thie deeds and misdeeds are seemingly endless. He got his nickname because, as a kid, he he did a flawless imitation of Grover on the Sesame Street television show. When I first started hanging with The Veteran, he said that…

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Cast–Bottom Line

October 8, 2004

The bottom line with Bottom Line is that everything comes down to the bottom line with her. She’s an accountant, so that explains her bottom lineness in matters financial. The company she works for makes the yellow tape that police use to cordon off a crime scene, so we’re always happy for her when we…

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Cast–Pixel Grrrl

October 7, 2004

Pixel Grrrl was born and raised in Minnesota but moved to California to pursue a career in animation. After working on a handful of high-profile films, she moved back to Minnesota. Nothing in her personality betrays her religious upbringing, as she is outgoing and fun-loving, exhibiting none of the pinched uptightness often found in those…

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October 6, 2004

I met Delicious through The Veteran. Delicious was playing football with The Veteran before Vet invited me to play. The story, as The Veteran relates it, is that Delicious started appearing at The Vet’s pickup basketball games. Delicious arrived on in-line skates. When angry with his play, he would yell out "Jimminy Christmas!" instead of…

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