RIP: Minnesota State Government Shutdown

Photograph of a Minnesota state flag flying at half-mast

Minnesota Government Shutdown Flag Photo courtesy David Erickson

So our state government has shut down due to failure to reach a compromise to bridge the gap in our budget.

I blame the Republicans completely and without reservation.

Their insane instance against raising taxes (even though they are perfectly happy to impose fees but a tax by any other name…, you know), even for merely the most well-off amongst us (who have made out like bandits since the Clinton Administration), is unreasonable by any standard.

Further, philosophically, conservatives are opposed to government so seeing it shut down ain’t no thing to them. Democrats, on the other hand, believe in government, believe in its ability to serve people and do good. For that very reason, they want the government to remain open.

I gotta believe Governor Dayton went the last mile in an effort to keep the ship of state sailing.