West Indies Soul

There must be some slight Karmic misalignment because when I thought about getting some Jerk Chicken today at West Indies Soul, I actually could.

The thing is, nearly every time I get a craving for Jerk Chicken, it’s on a Monday and West Indies Soul is closed on Mondays…and Sundays, it turns out, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve only thought about eating there once on a Sunday.

It goes like this: I get a craving for Jerk Chicken around noon on a Monday and so, of course, I think of going to West Indies Soul. Then I remember that they’re closed on Mondays and I gently curse them for their lack of consideration. By noon on Tuesday, I don’t have a craving for Jerk Chicken so I think of someplace else to eat, go there, eat, and then remember that West Indies Soul is open. Again, I gently curse them. For the rest of the week I have neither cravings for Jerk Chicken nor do I think of West Indies Soul. So it goes.

The point, faithful reader, is that I strongly suspect that there is some type of harmonic convergence conspiring to keep me from eating at West Indies Soul. Either that, or they should be open on Mondays.

I’m sure you’ve surmised by now that their Jerk Chicken is quite the treat. It is. It’s crispy. It’s Jamaican spicy. It comes with seasoned rice and fried plantains that are delicious.

Maybe one day I’ll get something else on the menu, but I doubt it.