TiltShift Cordarrelle Patterson vs Rams

Cordarrelle Patterson's 67 Yard Touchdown In 15 Not-So-Easy Steps [PICS]

September 10, 2014

We’ve seen it before. We’ll no doubt see it again. But there’s no end to the joy of breaking down the beauty of a Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown play.

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Kurt Cobain's Top 50 Albums [SCAN]

November 18, 2012

Kurt Cobain’s journal entry listing his/Nirvana’s top 50 favorite albums.

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Minneapolis 9th Vainest City

March 22, 2011

According to Total Beauty, Minneapolis, Minnesota is the 9th vainest city in the United States. Here’s why.

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50 Greatest Vikings

December 20, 2010

The Minnesota Vikings revealed their list, as voted upon by fans, of the 50 Greatest Vikings.

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Opening Day: 20 Best Baseball Songs

April 5, 2010

The list of the twenty best baseball songs, in no particular order.

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The Top 43 Sexiest U.S. Presidents

February 19, 2010

Richard Nixon? Seriously? Find out who’s first

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