Kyle Rudolph

Photo: Anthony Harris Pick Six vs Seahawks

The Seattle Silver Lining Playbook

December 4, 2019

Disappointing as the loss to the Seahawks was, and though the odds were stacked against the Vikings, there was still plenty of positives to take from the defeat.

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Photo: Irv Smith Jr.

Irv Smith Jr.'s Breakout Game?

November 19, 2019

The addition of rookie tight end Irv Smith Jr. has given the Vikings offense flexibility, unpredictability and big play ability. Did he just have his breakout game?

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Vikings vs Broncos

November 14, 2019

Coming off a statement win against the Cowboys, a playoff contending team, will the Vikings look past the 3-6 Broncos and let their eighth win slip through their fingers?

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Photo: Minnesota Vikings Game Balls

Vikings Game Ball

November 11, 2019

Kyle Rudolph rocked during the Vikings’ victory over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night. Watch his amazing touchdown snag.

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Vikings @ Lions Preview

October 18, 2019

These are seven things I’ll be watching for when the Vikings face the Detroit Lions for the first time this season.

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Photo: Kyle Rudolph wearing the Vikings Primetime Purple Uniforms

Vikings Primetime Purple Uniforms

October 8, 2019

Fashion statement or declaration of loyalty to a team? What’s your take on wearing Purple? The Vikings have announced the team will wear their Primetime Purple uniforms for the Thursday night primetime matchup with the Washington Redskins.

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Photo: Vikings Blocked Punt vs Atlanta Falcons

Vikings' Shocking Victory

September 11, 2019

While I figured the Vikings would beat the Falcons at home for the season opener, I was shocked at how completely they dominated Atlanta.

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Kirk Cousins at Pactice

Kirk Cousins' Pinpoint Passing

September 13, 2018

Four tosses that demonstrate Kirk Cousins’ precision passing; Harrison Smith is overrated; Jon Randall’s Football Life; and the Vikings chances against the Packers.

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TiltShift Cordarrelle Patterson vs Rams

Cordarrelle Patterson's 67 Yard Touchdown In 15 Not-So-Easy Steps [PICS]

September 10, 2014

We’ve seen it before. We’ll no doubt see it again. But there’s no end to the joy of breaking down the beauty of a Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown play.

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REVIEW: Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns [VIDEO]

September 27, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Chat Podcast: David reviews the Vikings’ 2013 Week 3 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

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