The Joy Of Outdoor Baseball

Target Field - Minnesota Twins Ballpark
Photo courtesy of meetminneapolis.

I haven’t yet made it to a Twins game this year (and you know it’s killing me) but that hasn’t prevented me from thoroughly enjoying outdoor baseball played at Target Field.

I’ve been watching the Twins on TV (in glorious HD, of course) and it is an entirely different experience this year in our new ballpark. The first thing that struck me watching the games is that it sounds different. I don’t know why, but it seems like I hear more detail in the sounds of the game, the reaction of the crowd is more robust, individual fans’ catcalls seem to be more clear.

Most of all, though, the game is infinitely more visually compelling, starting with those wonderful throwback 60s-era home uniforms.

The Metrodome was visually bland but now we’ve got the brilliant green of the grass to look at. Shots of players are framed by a crowd that is much closer to the action, and therefore, to the camera as well.

The ever-changing shadows that creep across the field with the changing afternoon sun provide constant visual variety.

And, of course, shots of pop flies and home runs now include blue sky and the Minneapolis skyline. Glorious!

I can’t wait to experience it in person.