The Culpepper Clash

Always tease, tease, tease…? Darling, you gotta let me know.

So, what to make of the conflicting signals being sent out from all sides of the situation?  First there’s Culpepper making waves about wanting more cash and not meeting face to face with . Then there are stories that the powers that be a Winter Park are offended at Culpepper’s attempts to negotiate for more money.

It starts to look like we’ve got a malcontent quarterback on our hands who’s forcing a trade which naturally elicits trade rumors that no one really quashes.

told me that he thought the were trying to prove to Culpepper that he’s overvalued himself by shopping the quarterback around and demonstrating that teams don’t think he’s worth a second-round pick. It’s a great argument that makes a lot of sense.

But then today there are reports of all these : ; the team sends head trainer Eric Sugarman to Orlando and he comes back ; and Culpepper himself says that owner .

Today’s news makes me think the Vikings are serious about trading Pepp and are either not getting the kinds of offers they think Culpepper is worth or realize they need to assuage concerns other teams have over the quarterback’s injuries and availability for next season.

My preference is for the Vikings to keep Culpepper, expect that he won’t play in 2006, give him that year to fully recover from his injuries and learn the in-depth, and find out if he’s going to work as a quarterback in that system.

If not, they can trade Culpepper then and get true value for him because even if he doesn’t eventually work out for us, he is an amazing athlete.

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