Seattle Seahawks – Cry Babies

Here’s a roundup of the headlines from Seattle’s major newspapers regarding the :

Oh. My. God. They clearly like the revenge factor in Seattle. This Seahawks blogger probably sums up the attitude of Hawks fans: Eat it, Minnesota! Seahawks sign Burleson to ridiculous offer sheet.

Could an organization display more childish behavior?!? It’s breathtaking. I admit, mirroring the was cute…but also dumb. , I’ll take Seattle’s 3rd round pick and I very much suspect that they are overpaying for the privilege of signing Burleson.

Not that there’s necessarily something wrong with overpaying for a player you really feel you need. We did that by signing Hutchinson. But to overpay out of spite? Not so smart.

I hope Burleson thrives in Seattle. Given the right circumstances, he could thrive; he demonstrated that in 2004–but then he was lining up opposite , too. Few people have that luxury. , when he was given the chance to be the featured receiver, he didn’t step up and size the opportunity. I think he’s fine slot receiver, but is he worth what the Seahawks are giving him?

I don’t think so.

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