Episode 16: Winfield, Henderson, Bishop, Peterson, Stringer, Kluwe & VikingsCam – Minnesota Vikings Chat Podcast [VIDEO]

Minnesota Vikings Chat Podcast – Episode 16

During the 16th episode of the Minnesota Vikings Chat podcast, David discusses the anniversary of Korey Stringer‘s death, the importance of preventing heat stroke, and the work Stringer’s widow, Kelci Stringer, is doing with the Korey Stringer Institute; he chuckles over Chris Kluwe‘s final parting shot at his former position coach Mike Priefer; David takes delight over the release of footage from the Vikings HelmetCams; he looks at some numbers that illustrate just what Antoine Winfield meant to the Vikings defense; he reads the tea leaves to try and divine what position Desmond Bishop will play; and finally, he notes that Adrian Peterson‘s peers think he is the best player in the league right now.

Show Notes

Erin Henderson’s Interview With Tim Ryan & Pat Kirwan of Sirus XM NFL Radio

NFL RefCam?

Google Glass & The NFL Helmet Camera

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