Vikings vs Los Angeles Chargers Preview

Minnesota Vikings Vs. San Diego Chargers
Minnesota Vikings Vs. San Diego Chargers

Defending Philip Rivers & The Chargers

Photo: Everson Griffen Sacks Phillip Rivers

There are a lot of similarities between the Chargers and the Vikings offenses.

Like the Vikings, the Chargers make good use of the play-action pass and that’s because, also like the Vikings, they are a threat to run the ball with running back Melvin Gordon III and the new hotness, Austin Ekeler.

Ekeler is coming off a phenomenal performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars with 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving. So, again, like the Vikings, the Chargers boast a dual-threat back.

Finally, like the Vikings, Philip Rivers has two outstanding receivers to throw to with Keenen Allen and Mike Williams.

Where the Vikings differ significantly is their use of the tight ends and fullback C.J. Ham.

Pete Bercich breaks down the Chargers and, as ususal, I’ve cued it up to spare you as much of the intolerable Paul Allen as possible.

4 Thirds & A Two

Gif: Barack Obama

The Chargers roster includes four players who sport roman numeral three after their name and one player with a two:

  • Running back Melvin Gordon III
  • Right guard Michael Schofield III
  • Right tackle Trey Pipkins III
  • Defensive end Melvin Ingram III
  • Strong safety Desmond King II

What. Is up. With that?!?

At Least We Ain’t Chargers Fans

Vikings fans can be pretty pessimistic, but…

This is pretty funny…if you ain’t a Chargers fan: Chargers fans hatin’ on Philip Rivers: