The Seattle Silver Lining Playbook

Photo: Anthony Harris Pick Six vs Seahawks

Disappointing as the loss to the Seahawks was, and though the odds were stacked against the Vikings, there was still plenty of positives to take from the defeat.

Six Positives To Take From The Seahawks Loss

1. 30 Points

The Vikings offense scored 30 points without Adam Thielen, with tackle Riley Rieff knocked out of the game with a concussion, with running back Dalvin Cook knocked out with a chest injury, and with Stefon Diggs turning in an underwhelming performance.

2. Competent Cousins

Kirk Cousins‘ prime time record will continue to be a talking point among the NFL chatterati, but he turned in a solid performance of 22 of 38 for 276 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception that should more properly be assigned to Stefon Diggs.

I’ve been as critical as anyone about Cousins’ play but Monday night was a performance worthy of a win, had only his defense helped him out a little.

3. Strong Opening Drive

The Vikings needed a strong opening possession and that’s exactly what they got from Kevin Stefanski with a drive capped with a two-yard Dalvin Cook touchdown run.

4. Kyle Rudolph’s Sticky Fingers

Kyle Rudolph snagged another unbelievable touchdown with his gecko-like fingers.

Here’s a closeup of Rudolph’s fingers.

Photo: Kyle Rudolph's fingers

5. The Laquon Treadwell Project

Mike Zimmer‘s years-long scheme to keep Laquon Treadwell under wraps paid off handsomely when the receiver was left unguarded for a 58-yard touchdown reception. Genius!

6. Anthony Harris: Pinball Wizard

And we were even treated to an amazing fluke play that actually favored the Vikings (which is rarely the case) with the return of safety Anthony Harris and his heads-up snag of a pinball batted pass that he returned for a pick-six.

It would’ve been nice to win this one and keep pace with the Packers, but the Vikings have eminently winnable games remaining on the schedule and unless they completely fall apart, will likely play a wild card game this post-season.