Daily Chat: Redemption

The Star Tribune‘s Mark Craig doesn’t think Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick deserves consideration for Comeback Player of the Year because the circumstances that set up his comeback were self-inflicted (E.J. Henderson, for example, is deserving of the honor) but conversely, Craig believes Vick deserves consideration for MVP based on his remarkable improvement as a quarterback and what he’s meant to his team.

I agree with Craig on both counts.

I’ve struggled with Michael Vick’s return to the football stage because I absolutely abhor what he did to get himself booted from the stage in the first place. I think there is something seriously broken in someone who would torture animals; so, you know, for me that’s a hard to get past.

But on the other hand, I believe in redemption. I believe people can change and that they ought to have the chance to do so. But I don’t believe there is true redemption, unless there is forgiveness.

Michael Vick has paid his debt to society as our society has seen fit to mete out that debt. He’s served a prison sentence and so far, it appears he’s learned from his mistakes. So if you believe in redemption, you must forgive him.

Having been ultimately able to reconcile my feelings for what Vick did, I am now able to enjoy thoroughly what he’s done on the field this year.

And it’s been remarkable.

Michael Vick has always been an exciting athlete. Vikings fans know that painfully enough from his 2002 overtime touchdown run that beat the Vikes at the Metrodome when he was with the Falcons. [WATCH.]

But this year he’s become an outstanding quarterback. He’s learned how to play the position and it is a sight to behold.

This year Michael Vick is the most dangerous player in the league and if I were voting, he’d be my league MVP.

Oh, and, um, this Vikings team doesn’t have a chance against this guy. It’s gonna be ugly on Sunday, folks.


My childhood idol, Fran Tarkenton, continues to embarrass himself.

This time, he’s taken to the airwaves in Philadelphia to take another shot at trashing Brett Favre. [LISTEN.]

Fran, we know you hate Favre but your animosity would be much better served by just letting it be, by letting Favre’s 2010 record speak for itself, rather than taking to the enemy’s airwaves, Hanoi Jane, and offering aid and comfort to our opponent.

We got your back, as usual. All the links you’ll need to scout out this week’s Hated Opponent can be found at Minnesota Vikings Chat’s Philadelphia Eagles News page. [RESEARCH.]

Happy Birthday today to our favorite Tweeting/Gaming/Jamming Viking, punter Chris Kluwe (29)!