Daily Chat: The Streak



Everyone knows how important the consecutive games streak is to Brett Favre. Favre may try to downplay it but no one believes him. The Streak means a lot to the Silver Fox.

So you know he’s going to try his damndest to start on Sunday, perhaps even if he can’t perform up to par. We’re seeing indications that he may be getting to the point that he could play.

The decision on whether or not to end The Streak is no small matter for the interim head coach. It has public relations implications. It could affect team chemistry. Leslie Frazier‘s handling of The Streak has been politically pitch perfect and provides a fascinating glimpse into one of the most important aspects of being an NFL head coach: Player relations.

Frazier certainly benefits from comparison to his predecessor, who apparently had zero relationship skills. But don’t let that glaring comparison blind you to the skill Frazier has demonstrated in handling The Favre Situation.

From the outset he said he fully expected that if Favre can play, he will and he wants him to. From the outset he praised his quarterback as a one-of-a-kind player. He’s made it clear that Favre will be on the active roster on Sunday and that the decision on whether or not he will start will be made as close to kickoff as possible.

He’s put all the onus and responsibility for making the right call on Favre himself, without appearing to do so. He hasn’t given Favre a chance to lobby to play, to turn Frazier in to the guy who might end The Streak.

Frazier has handled this so masterfully, that if Favre plays and it turns out he shouldn’t have, it will appear the quarterback made a selfish decision, a perception that Favre will no doubt want to avoid.

Jeremy Fowler and Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press are reporting that the Vikings are considering ending rookie cornerback Chris Cook‘s season so he can fully recover from the meniscus tears he suffered to each knee this season.

It’s probably a good idea, considering how little Cook has contributed this season and how abysmally he’s played at time.

It has been a season of frustration, certainly for Cook, but for fans as well. The chatter about Chris Cook was loud and glowing coming out of training camp and the preseason, raising expectations for him, perhaps unrealistically.

I certainly bought in.

So was this the Vikings plan all along? Force the Giants to stay in Kansas overnight and make a morning flight to Minneapolis for a noon kickoff…or just keep them out of the state entirely.

That means the Giants must forfeit, right?