Daily Chat: The Awesome & The Brutal – Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints Review

Adrian Peterson gained 87 yards but had we not changed our gameplan at the half and decided to go all pass happy, he would likely have gained more. The Saints no doubt made adjustments at the half, but we got to find a way to run the ball when we want to run the ball.

Visanthe Shiancoe had four catches for 76 yards and a particularly nice nab of the perfectly placed ball from Brett Favre for the touchdown.

Jeff Dugan made up for his brutal preseason with a nice 8-yard catch to convert a third down to extend the Vikings’ touchdown-scoring drive in the second quarter.



Brett Favre is getting criticism from Jim Souhan after this game for being off his game as a result, Souhan contends, of arriving in camp as late as he did. Hard to disagree and Farve essentially admitted as much during his post-game presser.

Nafahu Tahi. Here we go. I warned you I’d be complaining about Tahi’s play and he definitely came through for me by whiffing on a key block on a third and short play that was stuffed as a result of his whiff.

The safeties. Again. It was sorta expected, though, with Hussein Abdullah starting his first game at the position.

Asher Allen bit HARD on the out and up route Devery Henderson ran for the touchdown during which Abdullah AWOL over the top. Oh, yeah, he also Williamsoned a sure pick by trying to basket catch it rather than letting his hands do the work.

Bryant McKinnie dislocated his finger in the fourth quarter. They popped it back into place and he could’ve returned, but the Vikings didn’t get another chance on offense. Still, that hurts.

Brett Favre was definitely not in sync with his receivers but Bernard Berrian dropped some balls he should’ve caught and muffed a punt return.

Penalties. I dunno. I’ll have to go back and look at the tape but it sure felt like the Saints got the hometown crew again.

The offensive gameplan. While grinding the ball out by shoving a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson down the Saints throat was a great plan, when the Saint’s know you’re going to do it, it might behoove us to get a little creative on the playcalling on third and short if we plan to run.

The offensive line, despite John Sullivan playing on a handful of practices, did a pretty good job in both the run game and by protecting Favre, who got through the whole game practically unscathed.

The number of times Adrian Peterson fumbled.

Was Jimmy Kleinsasser of a pass at the beginning of the fourth quarter that would have converted a third down. Replays seemed to show that Kleinsasser had his hands under the ball to keep it from hitting the turf but the officials apparently saw something else, because they did not overturn the challenged ruling.

Was Visanthe Shiancoe by Jonathan Vilma on the pick he had of Brett Favre‘s pass. Vilma’s holding allowed him to make the pick.

First he tells us his first name has a silent E (Vis-AHNTH) but then he goes and pronounces the E during his disembodied-head-intro when the Vikings offense took the field for their first series. So what is it, Shiancoe?

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