Daily Chat: Swagger



The Vikings offense all of a sudden got its swagger back.

Yes, they’ve got to show it on the field but really, how could they not? The simple addition of Randy Moss makes this offense potentially explosive, given the rest of the talent on the roster and how having Moss on the field opens things up for other players.

The Star Tribune‘s Chip Scoggins quotes tight end Visanth(e) Shiancoe articulating that swagger: ““If we play our cards right, that equals domination. Complete domination if our cards are played right.”

Judd Zulgad has a great Q & A with former Vikings receiver Cris Carter on how the addition of Randy Moss changes the Vikings offense. The whole piece is well worth the read but the highlights are:

  • Adjustment to a West Coast offense won’t be an issue because Randy Moss was groomed under a West Coast hybrid early on with the Vikings under Dennis Green and Brian Billick.
  • Moss probably runs a 4.3 forty now and is healthy because he’s taken better care of his body as he’s aged.
  • Moss will not be a problem in the locker room.
  • Moss’s experience will be a tremendously positive influence on Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice. Harvin can learn a little from Rice but he can learn a ton from Moss.
  • Having Moss play the Z position puts everyone back where they’re most effective: Harvin in the slot and Bernard Berrian/Sidney Rice at the X position.
  • The coverage Moss demands will create one-on-ones with Harvin and Visanth(e) Shiancoe, allow Berrian to run the go routes he’s best at and soften up the run defense for Adrian Peterson.
  • When Sidney Rice gets back, the Vikings offense will be “like fantasy football.”

This week’s Throwback Thursday video is, of course, highlights from the 1998 season, Randy Moss‘ rookie season. [WATCH 1998 Minnesota Vikings Season Highlights.]