Daily Chat: Sucks To Be Us

Well, we didn’t get Vincent Jackson but neither did anyone else and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. The Vikings reportedly negotiated down to the wire but San Diego general manager A.J. Smith wouldn’t budge from his demand for a second- and third-round pick for Jackson. The Vikings were willing to give up a second-round and a conditional pick for Jackson.

While I’m bummed we didn’t land Jackson, I can’t fault the Vikings. By all appearances, they did everything they reasonably could do to haul him in; the only roadblock were the Chargers.

Numerous news organizations have quoted Jackson’s agent characterizing the San Diego GM as the “Lord of No Rings.”

Looks like it’s well deserved.

A state turns its anxious eyes to Hank Baskett, the former undrafted free agent we shipped off to Philadelphia for the illustrious Billy McMullen.

On the plus side, Baskett is a big receiver at six foot four, 220 pounds, so at least we’ve got a guy who has the bulk to fight for the ball and who can use his body to block off defenders in the end zone. And that’s been glaringly absent from our offense during the first two games.

He’s also fast…clocking a 4.3 forty when he was with the Vikings, anyway. With the Lions, Baskett had three touchdown receptions of at least 87 yards.

In his rookie season of 2006, Baskett had two 100-yard performances (112 vs. the Cowboys and 177 vs. the Falcons). For the season he had 22 catches for 464 yards (a 21.1 yard average), with two touchdowns.

In 2007, he was named special teams MVP.

In 2008, he had 33 catches for 440 yards (13.3 yard average) and three touchdowns.

In 2009, the Eagles cut him to make room for Michael Vick. He signed with the Colts that year and may have made himself infamous by failing to recover the onside kick in the Super Bowl.

At least we know the guy’s capable of making big plays [WATCH.]

The Strib‘s Chip Scoggins quotes Baskett:

“That’s one thing that helped me out in Philadelphia, being a bigger receiver in the red zone. I like that opportunity. I have a lot of respect for Sidney. I saw him make a lot of plays last year. That’s some stuff I think I can do. There are those guys that can just completely out-run guys. Sometimes you need those guys to go up and get the ball. I think that’s one thing they’re looking for from me, is to go up and get the ball.”

So it looks like he knows exactly what he was brought in to do, which is a Good Thing.

On the downside, he’s not Vincent Jackson.

Kendra Wilkinson is, of course, the Playboy model and reality-show star of Kendra, who married Hank Baskett.

I mention this only because I have a duty to bring you all things Minnesota Vikings and not because I would not for the life of me pass on a chance to post a picture of a hottie Playboy model. I wouldn’t do that. [LOOK.]

The number of career fumbles (out of 20) Adrian Peterson has had against the Detroit Lions, five of which he’s lost, according to the Strib‘s Mark Craig.

Mike Mayock and the NFL Network crew break down the break downs that have caused Brett Favre so many problems. Namely, offensive line failures and receivers failing to get open. [WATCH.]

You won’t see former Vikings wide receiver Nate Burleson on the field Sunday; he’s on the Lions’ injury report along with quarterback Matthew Stafford (meaning former Vikings QB Shaun Hill will start). Linebacker Zack Follett is likely out with a concussion. Guard Stephen Peterman (foot), safety Louis Delmas (biceps/groin/calf) were also on the report.

Former Vikings Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan holds the same position with the Lions.

The former Vikings defensive back worked out for the Detroit Lions this week, according to Pro Football Talk.

You know they’re hurting if the Lions are taking a look at Paymah.

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