Daily Chat: Wimps

Just when I thought we’d have the delightful prospect of two blizzard games in a row, the NFL and Philadelphia goes all wobbly-kneed on us.

I posted video yesterday that was shot at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, showing the field conditions the game would’ve been played in had the NFL decided not to move the game for financial considerations.

And let’s face it, that’s why we are playing tonight rather than on Sunday, as had been scheduled.

The Pioneer PressTom Powers points out that we’re playing tonight in all likelihood because ESPN wouldn’t allow dual Monday night games that would eat into their viewing audience. But you will not hear any mention of television contracts in ESPN’s coverage of the postponement.

Funny, that.

The game should’ve been played Sunday as scheduled.

But it wasn’t because the NFL was concerned for the safety of the fans in Philadelphia, what with the 12 inches of snow that fell on the area.

Hmmm. Seventeen inches falls here and we scramble heroically to get TCF Bank Stadium in playing shape to hold the game in a blizzard through which fans are encouraged to drive.

Clearly, Minnesota fans are not as important to the NFL as Philadelphia fans are.


That’s the slot at which the Vikings are projected to draft if they lose to the Eagles tonight, according to ESPN.

Happy Belated Birthday yesterday to wide receiver Bernard Berrian (30)!