Daily Chat: Live By The Favre, Die By The Favre



The question of whether or not Brett Favre will play against the New England Patriots this Sunday, coupled with his relatively poor play thus far this season, has invited calls for Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb to play.

Whether it is a power struggle between Chilly and Favre, subterfuge aimed at Bill Belichick, genuine medical concern, or some combination thereof, the will he or won’t he start question remains ridiculous.

If Favre can physically make it onto the field Sunday, you know he’s going to do it. And he should. Whether or not he wants to admit it, Brad Childress knows what he has with TJax and he knows it ain’t enough.

That’s why he pursued Favre in the first place. That’s why he sent the Captains Contingent down to Hattiesburg to bring him back this year. And that’s why, come game time, Favre will be under center if he’s not incapacitated.

A hobbling Brett Favre gives the Vikings their best chance to beat the Patriots.

Those are the number of households that tuned into the Vikings/Packers match up Sunday night, according to the Star Tribune‘s Judd Zulgad.

That’s the amount of money the NFL is docking Brad Childress for complaining about the officiating during Sunday’s game.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is a natural at Twitter. Most recently, he used his @chriswarcraft account to post an artistic rendering on a whiteboard in the Vikings locker room illustrating the NFL’s new illegal hitting policy. Here’s a selection of Tweets from that one to present showing how he strung that meme out over the course of three days.

October 21:
@ChrisWarcraft: Got to watch an exciting video from the NFL today on illegal hits. ‘Someone’ drew a diagram to explain it. http://twitpic.com/2zis58

@ChrisWarcraft: Great quote from the video “You can’t lead with your helmet, forearm, or shoulder.” I guess we have to karate kick people now when tackling.

@ChrisWarcraft: Who do I contact to get @Dez_88 fined under the new rules? He totally led with his helmet on me. /endsarcasm #theserulesaresodumbithurts

@ChrisWarcraft: My wife is fining the kitchen counter for an illegal hit on her head. Now her vision is all blurry.

@ChrisWarcraft: @mattbertz I heard next year we all have to wear those sumo fatsuits instead of pads.

@ChrisWarcraft: @Natron44 You can still play Whack-a-Mole, but instead of 25 cents a game it costs you 25 grand each time you hit one.

October 22:
@ChrisWarcraft: The Guggenheim called, they want me to do an exhibit. I told them I’d get back to them after I finished with the Louvre. #stickfiguresarehip

@ChrisWarcraft: Make sure you watch @jimrome today, I hear he’s having a brilliant piece of American art on. It’s like the next Andy Warhol. #popstickart

@ChrisWarcraft: I’m on tv! I’m on tv! I’ve never been on tv! This is so exciting!

@ChrisWarcraft: I’d also like to thank @jimrome for not reducing me to a smoldering pile of embarrassment on his show. Thanks Jim, and go Griffins!

@ChrisWarcraft: @Hasselbeck Yeah, it’s total bullshit that they showed that as ‘this is a good play and didn’t blow a guy up’ when he got his ribs busted.

@ChrisWarcraft: RED was pretty good. Dialogue wasn’t great, but the acting was superb. I give it 8 illegal hits out of 10 defenseless players.

October 23:
@ChrisWarcraft: Ow. Just cracked my head on a tv on the plane. I plan on fining Delta $25,000.

If you want to revisit the loss to the Packers, we’ve got the video at the site. [WATCH Highlights of the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Green Bay Packers.]

It was defensive tackle Pat Williams‘ birthday on Sunday. He is 38.