Daily Chat: Fear & Loathing At Winter Park



Former Vikings beat writer Sean Jensen, who now covers the Bears for the Chicago Sun-Times, has a piece that quotes Vikings players saying how much they hate Brad Childress.

Here’s one quote: “We know that Childress doesn’t have our backs, so why should we have his? We’re playing for us, and we’re winning despite him.”

Jensen counts six players who want Childress fired. The good news is the players Jensen spoke with vowed not to give up, despite the loathing they have for their coach.

You go out of your way to praise someone and this is the thanks you get.

Recently, I’ve been trying to build Adrian Peterson up by complimenting him on the improvement in his pass protection and then he goes and just plain misses on two blitz pickups.

Both were play-action pass plays during which it appeared Peterson had trouble finding his guy after taking the fake handoff. One resulted in Brett Favre getting hit.

On a third play, Peterson threw the block but it was the wrong kind of block: He threw himself at the feet of Joey Porter instead of getting in Porter’s way and standing him up. The result was Porter easily jumped over Peterson on his way to a sack.

Thankfully, Peterson can do a few other things instead of blocking. He accumulated a measly, for him, 81 yards rushing but then added another 63 yards in receiving for 144 total yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns.

He also compiled some awfully pretty highlight reel plays, including a perfectly-executed 33-yard screen with two minutes left in regulation and a crushing 30-yard run in overtime.

Punter Chris Kluwe‘s performance was so good last Sunday that he’s earned the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week award. Kluwe placed all of his punts inside the Cardinals’ 20-yard line, with an assist on one from Heath Farwell, who knocked the ball back from the end zone so that Kenny Onatolu could down it at the 1-inch line.

Remember back in 2005 when Kluwe was team MVP? Good times.