Daily Chat: Chris Kluwe Twitslaps Reporter



First Bernard Berrian throws a microtantrum, now this…

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe never fails to amuse on Twitter.

This time he Twitslapped Kevin Seifert, former Strib beat writer and current NFC North beat writer for ESPN.com. Kluwe took issue with an item in Seifert’s Free Head Examine piece that read:

Via Twitter, punter Chris Kluwe said there were “three separate” illegal blocks during Devin Hester‘s 42-yard punt return. Childress said there were a “couple pushes in the back.” Maybe there were and maybe there weren’t. But the significance of those blocks were minimal. The Bears took over at the Vikings’ 37-yard line but didn’t score, courtesy of safety Husain Abdullah‘s interception in the end zone. So let’s not get too worked up about a play that, in itself, had no impact on the outcome of the game.

Let the Twitslap ensue:

ChrisWarcraft @espn_nfcnblog Per your blog – it didn’t affect the game, but it affects us. We take pride in our work, and we’re the ones that have to hear

espn_nfcnblog @ChrisWarcraft Understood. And it’s not like you’re screaming it from the hilltops. But I just feel strongly that missed calls…

ChrisWarcraft @espn_nfcnblog the media talk about it. So yes, it does matter that they weren’t called, considering how blatant they were.

espn_nfcnblog @ChrisWarcraft … are a part of the game and even out over time. Didn’t say they didn’t matter. Just said the impact on game was minimal.

ChrisWarcraft @espn_nfcnblog Yeah, but the local coverage about how we can’t tackle makes my guys look bad if you don’t account for the penalties on that.

espn_nfcnblog @ChrisWarcraft Not cool for them and makes people look bad that shouldn’t. But again, and unfortunately, part of the game….

ChrisWarcraft @espn_nfcnblog They were in position to tackle, but couldn’t do their jobs because they refs didn’t do theirs. Also don’t forget that just

ChrisWarcraft @espn_nfcnblog doubled the amount of punt yards we’ve given up on returns.

espn_nfcnblog @ChrisWarcraft Officiating this year has been terrible everywhere.

Defensive tackle Pat Williams wants to play for a few more years, according to Pioneer Press‘s Jeremy Fowler.

He wants to stay with the Vikings but do we really want him to return?

As much as I love Williams and his quote factory, he’s not on the field nearly as much as he used to be and he’s nowhere near the disruptive player he once was.

Can we officially call center John Sullivan injury prone?

When Washington signed quarterback Donovan McNabb to a new five-year, $78 million contract, you assumed that was that as far as him playing for the Vikings next season.

Turns out, the deal has an out clause that would let Washington release him after this season and get out of his contract.

Few people think the clause would be exercised but it’s there.

Nevertheless, I’m far from convinced that McNabb is the answer to the Vikings quarterback situation next year.

…or lack thereof.

How did the Vikings go from such a disciplined team that excelled at tackling last year to this sloppy, sloppy mess we’ve witnessed this year??

Two glaring examples (among many) from last week’s game against the Chicago: On second-and-seven with a minute remaining in the half, Bears receiver Earl Bennett took an end around that got stretched out and would’ve gone for a seven-yard loss had Chad Greenway been able to tackle him. Instead, Bennett gained four yards, setting up a relatively easy third-and-three, which Chicago converted on their way to a Devin Hester touchdown.

On a kick return in the second half, Frank Walker, doing his best impersonation of a little leaguer, bowed his head down and shoved his shoulder into kick returner Rashied Davis in a feeble attempt at a tackle. Walker, of course, just bounced off Davis but lucky for him, Kenny Onatolu covered for Walker with an actual tackle.

Shades of Dwayne Rudd.

Star Tribune‘s Mark Craig has started crunching the numbers on draft order for 2011. He has us picking seventh overall.

If you want something to look forward to if the season continues the dismal trend it’s been riding so far, remember that we got Adrian Peterson with the 7th overall pick.


But then, we also picked Troy Williamson with the 7th overall pick.