Daily Chat: Brad Childress

It was becoming evident even before Randy Moss stepped to the podium following the Vikings’ loss to the Patriots that Brad Childress was losing the respect of some of his players.

The differences between Childress and quarterback Brett Favre stretch back to last year but often appeared to be disagreements over control of the offense while on the field. Favre is called a gunslinger for a reason. He often freelances but it is his experience and ability to audible to adjust to what defenses are doing that makes him so good.

Childress, on the other hand, we know from experience, doesn’t like his quarterbacks adjusting his “kick-ass” offense. Last year we saw what could happen when one did, and he nearly took us to the Super Bowl.

I knew Childress had lost Favre for good during the Packers game when the cameras showed a look of utter disgust on his face for Childress’ failure to try and score with 20-some seconds left in the half.

It couldn’t be long afterward that Favre’s lack of regard for Childress would rub off on the rest of the team.

While Randy Moss doesn’t need Brett Favre’s approval to express his opinion, it’s more likely that the quarterback’s lack of respect for his head coach would give tacit license for a second-year player like Percy Harvin to criticize coaching decisions, as he did following the loss to New England.

It’s hard to imagine this team making the playoffs without Randy Moss providing a credible deep threat and with Sidney Rice still on the shelf for a few weeks. It’s harder still to imagine this team winning with a head coach the team does not respect.

Let me ask you this: How many assistant coaches have the Vikings employed who went on to take other teams to Super Bowl victories? I can think of three offhand: Tony Dungy, Brian Billick, and Mike Tomlin.

I think it’s time we give another assistant coach who is not long for this team a shot at steering the Vikings ship. I think it’s time for the Leslie Frazier era to begin.