Daily Chat: Arrrrrrrrg!

My quick takes on last night’s game:


I wonder what the Vikings would be like if they played four quarters of football instead of just one and a half quarters as they did last night.

That was a pretty pathetic performance by the Vikings offense for most of the game. Let’s count the ways.

Brett Favre. Could not get a groove going until it was just too late. While he made it exciting, his overthrow of a wide open Percy Harvin late in the fourth quarter probably sealed the deal.

Had Favre thrown a catchable ball, Harvin might have scored on that play alone. He most certainly would have got into field goal range.

And then there were the fumbles.

Offensive line. The o-line could not protect Favre for their life early in the game nor could they spring Adrian Peterson for much of anything. They improved significantly later in the game but, again, too little, too late.

Nafahu Tahi. Tahi is so bad even the ESPN crew finally noticed and highlighted his failure to pick up blitzes.

Adrian Peterson whiffed on a couple blocks in pass protection and it was telling that Toby Gerhart was in to protect during the two-minute drill. Peterson’s still a liability in pass protection.

Jared Allen disappeared.

Madieu Williams was horrid. Bad angles? Check. Whiffs on tackles? Check. Out of position? Check. That’s Madieu’s game.

How frustrating.

The good news is you caught a glimpse of what the Vikings can be. You also caught a glimpse of what Randy Moss does for this team. Percy Harvin‘s touchdown was all Randy Moss, who drew the coverage that got Harvin open.

It took a couple shots, but Favre finally connected with Moss for a score (his 500th touchdown) and the trick was overthrowing him and letting Randy go catch up with the ball.

The other good news is that the NFC Central is soft. The season ain’t over, my friends.