Daily Chat: All In?



Today we get to see just how “all in” the Wilfs are with regard to getting this team to the Super Bowl.

The Chargers must trade Vincent Jackson by 3 PM today; if not, Jackson’s suspension reverts to six games and he becomes dead to us.

If this team weren’t built to win now, we wouldn’t be taking recruiting trips to Mississippi. Given that mentality and Ziggy Wilf‘s obvious desire to win, the only question that remains is will he be wiling to do what it takes to put Jackson on our roster.

The price has got to be high, maybe a second and third round pick, but shouldn’t we be willing to go all in if it means a more likely chance at a Super Bowl berth?

Especially when you consider, as Pro Football Talk points out, that the Vikings would be up for a compensatory pick if Jackson leaves as a free agent after this season?

Contrary to the hyperventilation that apparently passes for analysis among too much of the NFL media, the sky has not fallen at Winter Park.

Step back. Relax. Breathe deeply.

It’s true, the Vikings are 0-2.

But we lost to an NFC team outside our division who happened to be the defending Super Bowl champions. We didn’t get blown out.

And we lost to a good AFC team that, though the went 7-9 last year, played in a lot of close games in 2009. We didn’t get blown out.

We could have won both games. Remember, it took two games for Brett Favre to warm up last season. And we’re playing without the benefit of a number one receiver.

Jared Allen ain’t hitting the eject button. [Watch.]

13%. That’s the figure that bouncing around the Internet echo chamber to illustrate just how doomed the Vikings are: Since 1990, teams that have started 0-2 have a 13% chance of making the playoffs. (You have Kevin Seifert to thank for the 13% meme.)

The thing about statistics like these are that they are applicable until they’re not. It’s not like anyone thinks it’s gonna be easy climbing out of an 0-2 hole but please, let’s be real.

He was the guy the Vikings sent Hank Baskett to the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire. Remember?

McMullen was one of the long line of underwhelming Philadelphia receivers Brad Childress is so fond of, the most recent of which is Greg Lewis. Except McMullen never had a breathtaking, ESPY-award-winning, last-second, game-winning touchdown catch.

McMullen is no longer playing. But Hank Baskett is.

And now he’s playing for us again. The Vikings signed Baskett after the Eagles cut him to make room for another player.

Baskett stands 6’4″ and weighs 220 pounds but he hasn’t done much in his five years in the league, his most productive being in 2008 with the Eagles when he had 33 receptions for 440 yards and three touchdowns.

At least he gives Brett Favre the big target he needs.

And back when we had him, Baskett ran a 4.3 forty.

Former Vikings/Packers receiver Robert Ferguson is now playing for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.

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