Daily Chat: 2011 Free Agent Quarterbacks



Setting aside quarterbacks the Vikings might pick in the 2011 NFL draft, let’s take a look at the veteran free agent quarterbacks that might be brought in.

Since we need to start our future, as it were, my preference is for the Vikings to draft a quarterback and let that person and Joe Webb fight it out for the title of Franchise Quarterback and then to bring in a lot of vets to compete for the backup spot.

Here’s a list of the 2011 free agent quarterbacks that will be on the market:

  • Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts –  Just. Need. To. Pry. Him. Away….he’s the final piece! Yeah, not gonna happen.
  • Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles – Again, not a chance he’ll be a Viking.
  • Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings – Been there. Done that. Leslie Frazier has closed the door on the Favre era.
  • Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks – He played lights out against the Saints but he’s aging and is fragile. I wouldn’t want to depend upon him for a whole season.
  • Seneca Wallace, Cleveland Browns – Intriguing. Athletic, mobile, he’s performed fairly well with the few chances he’s had.
  • Matt Moore, Carolina Panthers – Coming off a torn labrum injury, so he can’t throw till March.
  • Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers – Classic case of a young quarterback destroyed by circumstances: Drafted by a losing team with a bad offensive line and he’s gone through a zillion offensive coordinators to top it off. Damaged goods.
  • Matt Leinart, Houston Texans – He hasn’t got much mileage on him but he didn’t exactly shine when he got his chances in Arizona…and he pouted. Looks like he wants to start so I’d only bring him in if he didn’t cost us much at all and with the understanding he’d have to win the job.
  • Marc Bulger, Baltimore Ravens – I don’t know how much value he’d have even as a veteran backup.
  • Todd Collins, Chicago Bears – Meh.
  • Chad Haine, Chicago Bears – Again, meh.
  • Brady Quinn, Denver Broncos – Great name but hasn’t shown potential.
  • Drew Stanton, Detroit Lions –
  • Trent Edwards, Jacksonville Jaguars – Couldn’t get the job done in Buffalo.
  • Luke McCown, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Brodie Croyle, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins – How many shoulder surgeries has he had?
  • Tyler Thigpen, Miami Dolphins – Another of Brad Childress‘ Quarterbacks of the Future. No thank you.
  • Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings – See above.
  • Jim Sorgi, New York Giants – Can we replace him with Sage Rosenfels?
  • Kellen Clemens, New York Jets – I was really excited about Clemens when he was drafted. I was wrong.
  • Bruce Gradkowski, Oakland Raiders – Um, no.
  • Dennis Dixon, Pittsburgh Steelers – I’ve never even heard of this guy. Any relation to David?
  • Billy Volek, San Diego Chargers – There’ve been some pretty good QBs coming out of San Diego of late. Just sayin’.
  • Troy Smith, San Francisco 49ers
  • Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans – This guy can actually win games. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a backup or even a starter at the beginning of the year until our Quarterback of the Future is ready to step in.
  • Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins – Gross. Seriously.

Happy Birthday today to linebacker Chad Greeway (28)! Please come back, Chad. 🙂