Daunte Culpepper Trade

The talk on the airwaves and the Web today is all about a potential trade. The team is trying agressively to move him. in his piece today: "I can assure you that there has not been a deal made as of right now…If there had been, we would be discussing it
right now, although I couldn’t go into any details…I am not ruling
out the fact that talks might be ongoing with several teams."

The speculation has been fomented by NFL Network’s ‘s piece on NFL.com about , who talked about the issue on KFAN today.

Potential trading partners include the , , , Jets,
      , and the .

Another quote from Jenson’s article:

"But given Culpepper’s health status — he tore three of four ligaments
in his right knee Oct. 30 against the Carolina Panthers — the return on
a deal could be minimal for the Vikings. A league source said teams
would not part with a first-round pick and that a conditional pick was

And then later:

"Pat Kirwan, a senior analyst for NFL.com and Sirius Radio, said because
of Culpepper’s uncertain physical status, any trade likely would
involve future conditional draft choices."

A conditional pick?!? Ugh.

The only thing I care about with the Culepepper deal is that we get value for the guy. We totally got screwed in the trade and I don’t want to see that happen again. I hope the new regime is savvy enough to either get a good deal (I’m thinking either a 1st round pick, two veterans, or a veteran and a second or third round pick is a good deal) this year, or hold onto the guy, let him get healthy, and trade him next year for real value.

If you can’t work a deal that returns real value, then pay is $6 million bonus, sit him and let him pout if that’s the way he’s gonna be, and then deal him next year when you can demonstrate he’s health enough to play.

Unless, that is, the Vikings know he won’t be healthy enough to play next year.

P.S. .

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