2006 Minnesota Vikings Free Agency Guide

Updated 4/12/06: Also check out my and my constantly updated page.

For local coverage, in addition to and , you’ll want to check and –you can also .

The Vikings themselves have on their site that includes where they post clips of news conferences.

Probably the most useful free agency tool is ; it allows you to sort NFL free agents by position, lists what type of free agent they are, gives vital statistics, their current team, and ranks them according to talent. I do, however, take their rankings with a grain of salt. You gotta wonder how they figure cornerback Brian Williams merits only three stars.

The next best place for free agency information is the . And it’s not just a fanboy site. They’ll run negative as well as positive stories in thier and they’ve got daily video as well.

should be, of course, a staple of your free agent news diet. I love their for up-to-date football news but they also have and .

also has to go along with their extensive coverage.

MSNBC provides in-depth .

does a great job in general and the NFL is no exception. They have and you can also .

Sports Illustrated offers great , of course. They have and even .

includes as well as .

includes great columnists and so you can get an idea of team needs.

For rumors, of course, keep an eye on .

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